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& nbsp; Online shopping is the fast-paced future of shopping. & nbsp; But online shopping hasn’t evolved overnight. & nbsp; Certain breakthroughs have led to its development; & nbsp; these are the historical frameworks that make online shopping is the easiest form of shopping. & nbsp; Read on to learn more. & nbsp;

Before analyzing the history of online shopping, it is important to know that the present has only become possible from the past. & Nbsp; To fully understand the potential of online shopping in today’s world, we must go back in time to the date it is has emerged and flourished. & nbsp; What is online shopping anyway? & nbsp; how is it designed and what has led to its current popularity?

What is online shopping?

In simple words, & nbsp; online shopping & nbsp; is a unique form of e-commerce (known as e-commerce) that connects customers and sellers from all over the Internet using a web browser. & Nbsp; Unusual to come across online stores that present a range of products, along with specifications, features, photos and prices to potential customers.

As a result, the online store can take two forms. & Nbsp; The first is like a B2C store that connects business with customers. & Nbsp; The second is like a B2B online store that connects business with business. & Nbsp; Anyway, every person with access to the world wide web has been engaged in online shopping.

Online Shopping History

  • E-shopping was invented by an English inventor named & nbsp; Michael Aldrich & nbsp; . & nbsp; In & nbsp; 1979 & nbsp; he invented the earliest form of e-commerce, which allows online processing of transactions between business and customers, as well as between business and business.
  • The invention of the first web browser of its kind, the & nbsp; World Wide Web & nbsp; in & nbsp; 1990, & nbsp; was the second major supporter of online shopping. & nbsp; Without an interconnected internet, there would be no online market at all. & nbsp; This wonderful invention, called the “WWW”, is due to & nbsp; Tim Berners Lee & nbsp; . & nbsp; This person is the main reason why which millions of people have access to the Internet, which hosts multiple e-commerce platforms.
  • After the creation of these two very important platforms, the expansion of online shopping was only inevitable. & nbsp; In & nbsp; 1994 & nbsp; & nbsp; Netscape & nbsp; developed a security protocol an Internet-based encryption called & nbsp; SSL & nbsp; – or Secure Sockets Layer. & nbsp; Just ask any e-commerce owner how important an SSL certificate is to a business.
  • Okay, we’ll split it here. & nbsp; You see, SSL makes it difficult or impossible to intercept the exchange of information on the Internet. & nbsp; When you buy something online, you have to send sensitive details directly to the online store. & nbsp; that you send personal information as credit card data routers to servers. & nbsp; SSL ensures that your data is not stored by crooked servers during transmission.
  • For security reasons, SSL is always required for all online financial transactions.
  • 1995 & nbsp; welcomes the biggest transformation of online shopping. & nbsp; The first online markets have been created. & nbsp; Amazon.com & nbsp; came first, perhaps the most the big online market launched by & nbsp; Jeff Bezos – & nbsp; Jupp, the richest man in the world since 2019 with a net worth of 115 billion dollars.
  • It can’t be a monopoly, so & nbsp; eBay.com & nbsp; joined the party. & nbsp; At the time, eBay was called AuctionWeb – good thing they changed their name.
  • All of these online markets without a reliable payment gateway. & nbsp; It happened & nbsp; 1998 & nbsp; , & nbsp; PayPal & nbsp; sprang up in the niche of the online payment system ; & nbsp; quickly becomes a success.
  • Once a dream, online shopping was already taking shape. & nbsp; Jack Ma, a failure in many things, launched a very famous Chinese market in & nbsp; 1999, & nbsp; called & nbsp; Alibaba.com & nbsp ; . & nbsp; You know this one.
  • At the end of the 21st century in the 2000s, Google launched Adwords, an advertising service that allows sellers to place ads in the results of Google search related to viewer search preferences. & nbsp; In other words, & nbsp; Google & nbsp; connects sellers with buyers on a larger scale.
  • Another subtle but huge idea changed the world of online shopping forever. & nbsp; 2004 & nbsp; & nbsp; Shopify & nbsp; , a prominent online storefront service, & nbsp ; enabled low-capital sellers to create online stores. & nbsp; Sho

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