General terms

If you are a trader, a representative or a manufacturer of products and you think that you might be able to sell on-line successfully, then we are not the right choice for you. The company Top Stop Trading EOOD has been dealing with the trade for more than 10 years, and even before 2010 we expanded our business and went international. Working with us is exceptionally easy. We are a young and ambitious team, we know the online, as well as the offline market.What products can I publish?

There is a restriction, as for the type of product, as well as for the number of product, which can be published by us, as long as they respond to the law. You have the opportunity to choose the countries in which to sell. You will have full freedom to make promotions, advertising campaigns, as well as to determine the final prices of the products offered by you. You will also be able to hide/remove yout product in our catalog at any time. We are trying to offer as much as possible – a good price for the products we sell. Therefore, your price must be competitive on the market with the same price quality/ratio.


Our entire chain of sites is visited by more than 50,000 unique users daily. This makes it an exceptionally good channel for advertising on your product, as well as for your company. By offering the products in our catalog, you can use the already built trust in our brand, to sell products on people, which would not use similar services in principle. For us, the established trust in the clients during the work with us is extremely important, and even for a moment we would not allow ourselves to let them down or to leave them with the feeling that they did not receive what they expected!

Product publishing

Our technical team is responsible for publishing the products in our catalog, will provide you with professional assistance in creating product descriptions, selecting the correct photos and even creating such a product. The content in this site is unique and this is something that is extremely important to us. We do not use content from foreign sites, we do not copy such, etc. Everything is created with the aim of increasing the conversion (sales) of our clients. Our copywriters are certified and licensed translators for the countries in which we will present your products.,so that the translation of the your content may also be handled by us. Once you have the products posted on the site, you will have full rights to them. You will be able to change their prices, to run advertising campaigns, to participate in our campaigns, to remove the products from our catalog, as well as to add new items.

Tracking orders

We offer a well-developed and interactive marketplace platform, in which you will be able to monitor the movements around your products in real time, as well as the accumulated debts that are about to be paid to you. You will be able to withdraw your income automatically at any time of the day. Ocвeн тpaдициoннитe peпopти oтнocнo пpoдaжбитe и oбopoтa пo дни, мeceци, гoдини виe мoжe дa зaявитe дocтъп дo дocтa бoгaт ĸaтaлoг oт дoпълнитeлни cтaтиcтиĸи.

Withdrawal of profit

The refund from the delivered goods can be transferred to you at any time by bank transfer. As we make large turnovers, it is impossible for us sum to be transferred in any other way than by bank transfer. Payments for all orders made through our site come to us and are withheld until the client receives the ordered item. The preferred payment method in P. Bulgaria in 90% of the orders is cash on delivery. This means that the client will pay to the courier after receiving the shipment, and we will receive the payment after it is transferred to us by the courier, for different countries the time frame is different, usually in the period of 3 to 10 days, for P. Bulgaria it is 24 hours. You will be able to follow the your due payments on our platform. There are no restrictions on the amount that you can apply for, as long as it does not exceed the amount owed to you.

If you have decided to check our ability to sell on line and want to significantly increase your turnover, don’t hesitate for a moment and get in touch with us through the contact form. Our reaction will be quick, and the attitude at the highest level, regardless of whether you are a small trader or a large and powerful corporation.

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