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Black Friday – as every year, coinciding with the end of summer and after returning to school and work, a new November arrives and with it two of the most anticipated celebrations by consumers and shop owners both offline and online around the world.

That’s right! Surely you know what we are talking about.

Now it comes „Black Friday 2020 “, followed by Cyber Monday“ . Two dates listed in the consumer calendar for the benefits of buying nowadays. Great savings.

This year will also be atypical Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The global pandemic we are experiencing will also affect the campaign, so online stores need to be more prepared than ever.

The question is:

Is your digital business ready for this year’s campaign?

The normal answer is no. Because this is the first Black Friday and cyber Monday of the so-called “new normal”.

Both dates, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, represent a huge opportunity for online stores. These are two of the best dates to increase sales and more for a year in which buyers will look forward to offers and discounts.

Here you have a Mega Guide for Black Friday and Cyber Monday for stores that sell their products online. All steps, actions and points for these upcoming dates. The Holy Grail to successfully plan your campaigns in troubled times.

Let’s start from the beginning:

Which day exactly is Black Friday and Cyber Monday celebrated?

Write it on your calendar, in red and large.

Black Friday 2020: November 27

Cyber Monday 2020: November 30

These are the key dates, yes, don’t forget to leave your campaign planning until the last minute. Now it’s time to start working today.

What do these two dates mean for online stores?


For an online store, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two ways to increase sales “in a big way” and there are several reasons for this, the main one being that these are two dates that are well known around the planet that are expected by many throughout the year.

1. Opportunity for consumers

Its scale may not seem like it at first, but keep in mind that we are talking about hundreds of thousands or more people who are looking forward to the arrival of these dates.

And even more so this 2020, in which consumers will take the opportunity to buy the products they need for months or years at a lower price, coinciding with the economic uncertainty that COVID-19 has left behind on his way through our country.

For this reason, many of these purchases are expected to be motivated by the opportunity to purchase some of the Christmas gifts with some advance, rather than with simple “whims” as in previous years.

2. Deserved increase in sales for stores

After the first few months of the year with great uncertainty and declining sales in most e-commerce, these days are more than a well-deserved “oxygen bubble” for retailers.

And it is that all of them, to a greater or lesser degree, have been “hit” by this unusual situation that the whole world is currently experiencing.

However, it has generally been proven that these two meetings a year break records and more and more sales are achieved during Black FridayandCyber Monday.

Especially when we talk about pure online sales.

And we don’t talk just to talk.

We are witnessing how Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases have increased in recent years, and this is only in stores within the platform.

Still sales are still expected to increase steadily, as more sectors and companies join Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Not to mention that e-commerce in general continues to grow, with more and more companies and businesses relying on the enormous potential that the Internet has.

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